MTTA’s research projects aim to improve the efficiency, transparency and sustainability of mining sector management in Afghanistan, through research on mining sectors, government policies, business strategies, private entrepreneurs by generating and analyzing credible local data enhance public policy debates and promote more objective, evidence-based decision-making that makes real, sustained improvements in people’s lives.. Then, we work with partners to deliver change on the ground that alleviates poverty and strengthens society. We hold ourselves accountable to ensure our outcomes will be bold and enduring.

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MTTA Consultancy will help you to reach your next milestone in your project’s development. Consistent with our formula of focusing on value, we identify the most practical and profitable direction without wasting energy and money on infeasible, or technically impractical development scenarios. We are able to quickly identify practical, economic solutions because our team of seasoned professionals have successfully designed, constructed and operated projects of similar nature.

Our Technical team allows the project economics to drive the technical engineering studies – we have a track record of advancing successful projects that were previously deemed uneconomic or infeasible.

Our Work

Capacity Building / Public Awareness

Capacity Building Programme supports government, private companies, and partners to transform their extractive resource endowments into inclusive and sustainable economic and social development. It achieves this by building capacity through education and training, institutional partnerships, action research, and advice to governments.

  • Providing such technical support training at all levels within these mining disciplines. This is a key component in Technical Support Operations training and serves to extend the life of mines providing employment both within the mining industry and the numerous support industries.
  • Program is supporting an environment for change, building momentum for change, and creating leadership for change in mining and development.
  • Delivers an integrated capacity building program of activities that builds knowledge, networks and the capability of its participants and their institutions.
  • Collaborates with international institutions and business organizations to deliver its program. It works closely with institutions in developing countries in particular. This collaborative approach harnesses the intellectual capital that exists in these institutions and across the minerals and energy sector.


Promoting plays an essential role for mining companies.  Mining suppliers and service companies tend to be great at providing their products and services but not so great at marketing them to the industry. Many will tell you that they sell by referral and don’t need to market themselves but they can’t understand why they can’t gain new prospects in the industry, and when selling can’t close the deal. The truth is that sales in mining starts with marketing, long before your sales people call.

MTTA conducting exhibition provides the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with potential clients who are actively looking for business oppournity   in mining sector. The exhibition place to network with mining business leaders, to discuss ideas & industry issues

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Match making

The Match making sessions open dialogue with national and international mining industry to be established business relations and maintained productive business sessions in order to successfully navigate the permitting process and emerge with a permit that meets the needs of the client. The team has extensive experience in environmental baseline studies, environmental and socio-economic impact assessments, and regulatory compliance and has achieved results under budget and time constraints. Our goal is to make sure that both parties involved, and armed with the knowledge that enables us to make the best decisions for mining project.

Our Work