Public Awareness

The Public Awareness will highlight the excellent economic return received from the small amount of land and water used for mining,  including jobs, royalties, exports, and investment.

Without public awareness, legislators will not talk about strategic resources in public discourse, and lobbyists from mining companies will have the only voices in governmental decisions. Without voices counterpoint to mining, refining, and manufacturing companies, there is nothing holding them accountable for their actions. Until the public has information on the practices of different companies and a system is in place to give them this information, the status quo will remain unchanged.

Currently, there is lack of coordination to practice the existing regulations on potential environmental and occupational safety in the mining industry. However, many companies find ways to circumvent these legal bindings through lobbying, bribing. The lack of international mining safety and environmental standards necessitates a globally accepted protocol that will enforce regulations preventing the contamination of water, air, and soil, and the advent of fatal mining accidents.