MTTA will have a director selected by the Board of Directors of ICC Afghanistan.

There will be a separate Board of Advisors that will consist of reputable and knowledgeable people who can increase the impact and effectiveness of the think tank.

There will be also some permanent seats for the most involved entities which can be a part of discourses and also the real end users of the outputs. The references which would be good to be present are the President’s relevant senior advisor, MoMP, MoEC, MOCI, USAID, DFID, GIZ, WB, ADB, and Natural Resources Commission of the Parliament. There might be some additional seats as per requests from some other entities.

MTTA will offer members various programs that will include activities such as: round table discussions, presentation or lecture events, public informative sessions, match making sessions, quarterly publications in print and on a publicly available MTTA website, and representation at National and International symposiums and conferences or professional gatherings.