The Role of MTTA

MTTA will create a platform for involvement of representatives of each stakeholder group in comprehensive, extensive, deep, multilateral, sustainable, and realistic discourse.  A key concept to MTTA is that Afghanistan has significant internal capability to solve the problem of how to best develop its national and sovereign resources; while international experts and stakeholders should be consulted in order to gain expertise and benefit from experience, the solutions to these problems remain within Afghan capabilities and Afghan leadership.

MTTA will be the host of these discussions, and will focus on three primary objectives:

  1. Definition of a clear, realistic, and accessible vision for Afghanistan’s mining sector in the short, medium, and long terms;
  2. Evaluation of the past, current, and future plans and programs;
  3. Promotion of Afghanistan’s mineral resources business

The agenda of MTTA’s program may include but will not be limited to the following topics:

  1. Definition:
    1. Defining a clear, realistic, and accessible vision for Afghanistan’s mining sector in the short, medium, and long terms
  2. Evaluation:
    1. Performance of the government and the private sector over the past ten years
    2. Existing legal framework of the sector; identifying problems and proposing improving amendments
    3. The ways forward for legalizing the illegal activities
    4. Existing fiscal regime of the sector
    5. Available financing mechanisms and facilities
    6. The different commodities’ capability for successful competition in the markets simultaneously with extension of their value chain within Afghanistan
    7. Opportunities and risks to investment in the sector
    8. Plans to establish a domestic value chain and supply chain to develop Afghan commodities
    9. Current human capital in the sector
    10. Existing infrastructure and what is needed to sustain the mining sector
    11. Current capability of the local service sector and how it can be enhanced
    12. How international mining sector standards can be adapted to the situation in Afghanistan
    13. Donors programs in the sector (The donors can use the outputs for more effective project planning in the future and also the parallel actions will be prevented)
  3. Promotion:
    1. Investment opportunities
    2. Marketing of Afghan products
    3. Concept of sustainable development within the mining sector
    4. Professional Networking opportunities